About Us

Dropsu® is a software application, which allows you to easily import and manage dropshipped products into your favorite e-commerce platform like shopify and then ship those products you’ve sold directly to your customers, wherever they may live on this planet – in only a few clicks… without EVER physically touching the product.
You can also easily import and sell products that can be found from dozens of amazing hand picked vendors. Oh and for some of the major vendor platformsAliExpress (AliBaba Group), you even have complete automation.
Depending on where you are in your e-commerce journey, there is some outstanding education that is included that can transform you from a complete newbie to a very advanced user. OR if you’re already advanced, you can learn some incredible tactics or strategies that can assist you in achieving your goals for this calendar year (and beyond).
You can now run an incredibly successful business online without putting in a huge investment of time and capital.
There is no longer any need to spend a ridiculous amount of hours adding products to your store, getting all the variants correct, editing product pictures & descriptions, keeping track of vendor price increases or remaining inventory, getting real product reviews, fulfilling orders one-by-one, figuring out tracking numbers, getting additional softwares to get a Facebook Product Feed to your store, manually setting margins, figuring out profit reports & the other tasks it takes to run a successful Ecom business.
You can say goodbye to all those tedious, time consuming tasks that literally take a small army to manage.
Depending on what plan you choose, you’ll also gain access to: an incredibly powerful research tool that really helps you find those unique goldmine products plus a much more advanced Profit Dashboard, a built in Google Product Feed (so you can easily sell all the products you choose on Google shopping), and a unique Toll Free number that you have full control of.
On top of that, you’ll also get access to a very powerful marketing tool, called Tube Hunt, that allows you to find YouTube videos that are super relevant to your niche where you can place your own videos ads.
Dropsu has Amazing FREE Customer Service. We even make it easy to import your existing products OR port everything over from a Dropsu competitor.